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Officer Constantine G. "Gus" Spanos

Officer Constantine G. "Gus" SpanosDied April 23, 1993 as a result of a gunshot wound he received during an early morning car stop on April 22. About 1:48 a.m., Officer Spanos stopped a car at 5800 N. Cincinnati Ave. His backing officer found him lying next to his patrol unit with a bullet wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital where he died at 12:26 p.m. the following day. The driver of the suspect vehicle fled the state but was eventually apprehended, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of Officer Spanos.
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#3 Gary Fink 2016-09-19 17:10
I never met Gus but have been a friend of his Dad and Mom for a number of years. I have been retired from Law Enforcement and am aware of the dangerous situations the officers face. My prayers go out to the memory of "Gus" and to his wonderful parents, family and friends.
#2 Thomas Rutowski Jr 2015-02-16 17:16
I am a cop from Pittsburgh area who grew up in NYC. One day a stop a nice older man for a traffic violation. He has an old beat up FOP logo on his car. I ask why, with a small soft voice he said my son was killed in the line of duty. No others words were needed! A few months later I am reading Dennis Byrd's book & there is the story. I work one city over from where Gus grew up in Dormont. I am thankful for my interaction with his dad & told him I would not let anyone forget Gus. Til this day, I make Gus live with all my trainee's. WE REMEMBER
#1 Jim Chambers 2014-07-31 19:17
This story comes back to me as I read about it. It makes my eyes watery and tear up to see the picture of Officer Spanos. I feel that TPD surely lost one of their finest with the loss of Officer Spanos. He impressed me as being the epitome of one of Tulsa's Finest. My heart is heavy and still goes out to his family.

The foul words that I would like to use to describe my feelings of this low-life perp that committed this heinous senseless murder are not printable in this column

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