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Officer Walter C. Busch

Officer Walter C. BuschDied Oct. 10, 1944 as a result of injuries he received in a traffic collision. His motorcycle collided with another vehicle that pulled out in front of him.
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#1 Micahel Busch 2015-12-30 14:39
Grandpa, even though I never knew you I feel like what was instilled within your children spoke volumes about you and grandma.
I had the privilege to be raised by a wonderful father, which also carried your name, and coincidentally looked remarkably like you. He was my best friend and very special person that would do anything for anyone. All that knew him respected and liked him.
I miss him quite often, but know he is in God's home now. I'm glad you both are able to spend time together now, and look forward to seeing some point in the future. God bless the both of you!

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